This is Sigma

We are Sigma

We are a global food company dedicated to bringing local favorite foods to communities everywhere. In 18 countries worldwide, we offer quality food at a range of price points and across diverse categories.

Sigma in Numbers

Operations in 18 countries
7,900 Vehicles
208 distribution centers
70 Manifacturing facilities
1.7 milion tons of food produced in 2017
12% 2013-2017 netsales CAGR
45 employees 70 nationalities
11 brands with net sales 100 million

Our Strengths

Global Diversified Food Company

We are one of the largest refrigerated packaged food companies with operations in 18 countries and a diversified portfolio of product categories.


We have a relevant position in most of the markets in which we participate.

Solid Brand Portfolio

We have a broad portfolio of value-added food products with highly recognized brands that are constantly considered “top-of-mind” household names.

Consumer-Driven Innovation

We are focused on innovation and new product development in each of our markets to meet evolving consumer demand. We continually invest in consumer analysis to enhance our insights regarding consumer preferences.

Broad Supply Chain and Distribution Network

Our global footprint enables us to share production plans and best practices among our facilities, optimizing our operations and productivity. Our strong manufacturing capabilities enable us to further innovate and optimize our distribution platform.


We own and operate 69 production facilities worldwide.

Disciplined M&A Strategy with Proven Integration Capabilities


We have a long and successful track record of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and post-merger integration experience, which has enabled us to execute and integrate 29 high value-creating M&A transactions since 1997.


Our due diligence and post-merger integration experience help us identify and execute value-generating strategies that generate significant synergies.

Experienced Management Team and Talent Development

Our management team has delivered exceptional results, including the transformation of our company into a global and diversified branded food company. We believe investing in our people is a key pillar for long-term sustainable growth.


To ensure we recruit and retain the best talent at all levels of the organization, we have several continuous development programs across all levels of our organization.

Diverse Workforce

We embrace diversity and have a highly diverse workforce, with 60 different nationalities represented and women accounting for 39% of our employees.


Such diversity allows us to better identify with our broad range of consumers.