Sustainability at Sigma

Empowered by the integration of our organizational units and by the diversity of collaborators from more than 60 nationalities, in 2016 we redesigned our global sustainability strategy, allowing us to implement it globally.

We have embraced the responsibility of creating value and having a positive impact on both society and the planet. Our financial growth is directly related to our sustainable growth.

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Our Four Pillars

Health & Nutrition

We promote healthy lifestyles through our innovative and high-quality products, supported by the popular brands that our consumers prefer.


We strive to establish conditions that motivate people and make it easier for them to adopt habits that improve their quality of life.

enviroment impact sigma


We focus on reducing our environmental impact by using natural resources more efficiently.

Economic value Sigma


We create economic value through our strategic practices, and share it to promote the development and strengthening of our value chain.

2016 in Numbers

Here are some of the company’s achievements



Sustainability Report

For more information regarding our activities, check out our Sustainability Reports.

Sustainability Report