Global Code of Conduct

The goals we achieve are as important as the way we achieve them. At Sigma our integrity and success are inseparable.

Our Global Code of Conduct defines the framework and set of standards that guide the way we behave and conduct our business.

We Live a Culture of Integrity

  • Adhering to applicable regulations
  • Abiding by honest business practices
  • Avoiding conflicts of interests
  • Safeguarding Company resources

We Foster a Safe and Dignified Environment

  • Valuing and respecting each other
  • Preventing harassment
  • Promoting a safe workplace
  • Guaranteeing human rights

We Commit to our Stakeholders

  • Promoting quality and food safety
  • Collaborating with our suppliers ethically and legally
  • Competing with integrity
  • Ensuring transparency in communications

We Manage Information with Responsibility

  • Following security procedures
  • Ensuring confidentiality
  • Respecting intellectual property rights
  • Avoiding insider trading
  • Reporting clear and objective information